Real Estate Marketing; Branding For Success 

Whatís your real estate marketing brand positioning?  Tongue tied?  Don't be, as it's a very important question deserving of a very quick response.

Donít fret it though if I caught you off guard, but thatís part of the point of branding.  If you canít articulate your position, you either donít have one, or itís ineffective.  Either way it needs a healthy dose of help.

Letís talk about it for a few minutes.  Do you want to be known as an agent who specializes in water front condos, vacant land, FSBOs, farming expired listings or perhaps a discount realtor? Whatever your answer is a marketing campaign to brand your identity is important.

When prospects think of engaging a Realtor you obviously want them to think of you first.  If they do you have succeeded in positioning yourself as the agent of choice, which is why you put so much effort in marketing your services in the first place.

Some agents make real estate marketing more difficult than it need to be, despite the easy availability of resources and means to effectively market themselves, like real estate letters, flyers, websites, auto-responders, post cards, business cards, internet marketing advertising, etc.) . 

Take your business cards for example. Theyíre everywhere but where they need to be Ė in prospects hands. Where do you keep yours?  In a drawer, your purse, your wallet?  If so, they arenít doing you a bit of good where they are. 

My advice?  Get rid of them.  Hand out 2 to 3 of them to everybody you meet.  If they ask why youíre giving them so many simply say itís just in case they know of somebody interested in buying or selling real estate. Now, at that point you really donít care what they do with them, and whatever you do donít take them back.

Have to pay bills?  Put 2-3 business cards in the envelopes along with your payments.   The person opening them will then have to do something with the cards.  And no matter what they do with them youíre better off with them passing through their hands than sitting in the box that your business cards came in.

Meeting with a prospect? Give them 3-5 business cards. 

Going to Wal-Mart?  Leave some business cards on the counter at the cash register.

Have an appointment with your doctor? Good. Doctors offices are high traffic, prime time real estate locations.  So, during your next appointment leave 10 - 20 business cards.  And for gosh sakes please donít ask for permission, be aggressive and just do it! 

This type of real estate marketing strategy is painless and can be very productive.  Thereís no rejection and it doesnít cause any anxiety.  And it gets you closer to at least one desirable outcome Ė more business.

Effective Real estate marketing and branding is about letting others know you are in the business and solid brand positioning is about making sure they remember that youíre in the business when they arenít sitting in front of you.

As you market yourself focus on developing a ďsweet spot,Ē something that will aid in distinguishing you from every other Realtors in your community. 

What is it about real estate that youíre passionate about?  Is it helping first time buyers with special financing needs, or working with prospects who want to develop raw land?  Whatever it is let the passion come through and your results will reflect it. 

However, a successful real estate marketing program requires more than just passion and buzz words.  It requires a focus, a plan to focus on, a willingness to stick to the plan and the patience to mature it to fruition.  Oh yeah, it also requires hard work.

But the wok doesnít have to be dull, boring and methodical.  It can be spiritually uplifting and personally rewarding; especially when youíre doing something good for other people at the same time.

Do your kids play little league football?  If so sponsor team jerseys.   Youíll create an instant brand and good will and become your childís hero in one swell swoop! 

  Donít have a kid.  Sponsor the jerseys anyway and still be seen as the hero doing something good for kids in your community.    

So, let me ask again.  Whatís your real estate marketing brand positioning?  The next time somebody asks do yourself a favor and be ready with a quick response.  After all, all thatís at stake is your future!

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