50 Power Real Estate Marketing Letters 

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The use of pre-written Real Estate Marketing Letters is a proven, easy-to-follow,  highly effective strategy  for getting prospects; buyers, sellers, investors and tenants.  It's literally as easy as printing, signing and mailing your way to increased business and income..

Tweak them with your personal information, print them on your company letterhead, mail them and let them work for you ... 24/7.

Create a series of letters to your target audience, use them as auto-responder messages, flyers and even newsletter articles.  However you use them they are bound to increase your bottom line - more prospects, listings and sales!

Here are the Titles! 

  1. Online Auctions:  Buying your home online

  2. From the Feds:  Buying a home from the US Government

  3. Appraisals:  The facts about real estate appraisals 

  4. Ten “No-No’s” for the home buyer

  5. House Hunting:  Things to know that the real estate agent won’t tell you

  6. Choosing the perfect real estate agent shouldn’t be as hard as choosing the perfect house!

  7. Ten Tips for the first time home buyer

  8. Investment homes:  Things to look for

  9. Open house:  How to make the most of the visit

  10. Historical Homes:  Things to know before you buy

  11. Ten Common Mistakes people make when buying a home

  12. The search is on:  Ways to make the most of your house hunting trip

  13. Location, Location, Location.  How to find all the details about the           neighborhood before you buy.

  14. Home Warranties:  What are they and do you really need one?  

  15. Escrow:  Do you really know what that means to you?  

  16. For Sale By Owner:  Tips to make the sell go smoothly.  

  17. Easement, Right of Way, and Restrictive Covenants:  What are they and   why you need to know?  

  18. Your Mansion:  Buying a million dollar or more home.  

  19. The Fixer-upper:  How much work is too much?  

  20. Loan Fraud:  Don’t be a victim  

  21. Mortgage vs. Deed Trust  

  22. Adjustable Rate Mortgages:  What you need to know.  

  23. FHA Loans:  What are they and do you qualify?  

  24. VA Loans:  Facts that you should know.  

  25. RESPA:  What it means to you  

  26. Discount Points:  Does it make sense for you?  

  27. The Real estate Bubble:  Do you know how it can effect you?  

  28. Re-Sale Value:  It IS important  

  29. Title Insurance:  Do you need it?  What is it?  

  30. Ten Mistakes that will ensure that your house DOESN”T sell  

  31. Why great homes don’t sell  

  32. Curb Appeal:  Make your home stand out!  

  33. For Sale By Owner:  Selling your home yourself  

  34. Maximize the look of your home:  Getting ready to show off  

  35. Property disclosures:  The facts.  

  36. Choosing a Listing agent:  5 questions to ask  

  37. HUD for Dummies:  Things that you need to know  

  38. Closing costs:  What to expect  

  39. Step by Step Closing:  For the buyer and seller  

  40. Listing your home online

  41. Modular Homes:  What are they and do you want to buy one?  

  42. Buyer agents vs. Seller Agents:  Should they be two different people?  

  43. Foreclosure:  Buying a Foreclosed home.  

  44. Everything but the kitchen sink:  What stays and what goes. The importance of a contract.  

  45. 10 sure fire ways to negotiate a contract like a pro.  

  46. Buying a home outside the US :  Things to know before you begin searching  

  47. 10 things you can do to increase the value of your home.  

  48. Interest only loans vs. a Traditional loan:  What is the difference  

  49. The Basics of Buying a home

  50. The Basics of selling a home

Real Estate Marketing Letters; Key to Increasing Your Income

You go to the office every day, wanting and needing something to happen.  You don't have enough leads, listings or sales, but you know that if you can generate enough contacts things will turn around. With these marketing letters you can

  • select a farming area and start your real estate letter marketing campaign by mailing a series of letters 
  • grow your prospect list by offering offer a FREE Ecourse to Buyers
  • grow your prospect list by offering offer a FREE Ecourse to Sellers
  • grow your prospect list by offering offer a FREE Ecourse to Investors

And best of all you can do it fast, easy and almost effortlessly.  

Knowing how to develop warm prospects is key to every Realtors' success, and the more contacts you have with prospects the more likely you are to become their agent of choice.

Are you making as much money as you want?  How about as much as you need? 

 No? Well, ... fortunately there is a solution . Now You can beat the odds with these 50 Power Real Estate Marketing Letters.  

Of course, you could go out and spend hundreds of dollars on a personal coach, or invest thousand's in the latest high tech thingamajig that promises you'll get 45-50 calls a day (...uh-huh, right!).  Or, you could invest in 50 Power letters ready for your signature. 

You don’t have to be brilliant, or lucky to benefit from good real estate marketing letters. Nor does it matter whether you are an extrovert, or quiet and reserved. 

But you do need excellent letters!  Ones that will grab a reader's attention with information they want and need!

Cost v. Benefit
How much are good real estate marketing letters worth?

These 50 Power Real Estate Marketing Letters are not the cheapest letters available, but I don't want them to be. They include some of the very best real estate marketing letters available to real estate prospects and are worth a little more because of it.  

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Use Power Real Estate Marketing Letters and
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