Farming Expired Listings
Frequently Asked Questions 


What do you get for the the price?  You get

  • an ebook that that tells you where and how to get the listings
  • letters to mail
  • a listing log to keep track of the mailings
  • a marketing update report that makes it easy to update your 
    clients on what you're doing to market their listings (they love this)
  • and a FREE Trail Real Estate Website for agents who don't have one yet and a copy of one of the best marketing books I've ever read (despite the title).

Do you call these people, or simply send out information?  Try both! When I first started using the system I called them, but soon discovered that calling didn't increase my success rate.  So, I soon settled on just mailing the letters and waiting for sellers to call me - and they did. 

After I got my first listing I started averaging just over 2 a week after that.. 

What's the best way to get started?  Read the book, set the letters up in your computer, then start mailing 10 a day. 

How do you set up the appointments to make presentations?  You don't.  What I mean is you don't set up appointments to make presentations. Instead, you make appointments to take the listings.  There's a big difference between the two.

When sellers call they expect to list their properties with you - period! All you have to do is proceed in a straightforward manner.  See the property, do a market analysis, then take the listing.

In all the years of using this system I never went on listing appointments to make presentations for listings. Instead, I went on lots of appointments to sign up listings!

What's so unique about the letters? A lot.  The letters pre-sell the sellers on listing with you, regardless of your level of experience.  They're plug and play ready.  All you have to do is personalize them with your name, number, letterhead, etc. and they're ready to go.

How much time is required to implement this system on a daily basis?  Not much. Once you've developed a routine it may take anywhere from 15-30 minutes a day of your time.  

What's so magical about 10 letters a day?  The more contacts you have the sooner you'll generate enough mass to start having your contacts pay off. 10 or more prospects a day = 50 or more contacts a week = 200 or more prospects a month = 2400 a year.  This is why the system works!  Contacts, contacts, contacts!

What if I buy the system and don't like it?  This is almost as easy as the system is.  Call or email me and tell me that you want a refund and you'll get it.  No delay, no questions asked.

Why this system and not some other? This one works and it comes with an unmatched in 1 Year Satisfaction or Money Back Guarantee.  I've seen more expensive ones that offer only a 30 day guarantee.  Plus, I'm available to you for any reason.  Go ahead - call me on my cell phone at 352-283-9316 and see for yourself.

So, what if this system is a "flop?" Good question!  Let's say you average only 1 listing a month using this system, and that each listing is priced at $250,000.00.  12 listings a year x $250,000.00 each amounts to a $3 Million Dollars listing inventory.  I can handle a "flop" - can you?

Lets also look at a worse case scenario where somebody else sells your listings for you and you only get 1.5% of the sales.  I come up with $45,000.00 in commissions for a $39.00 investment.  Not too bad!

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